Asset accounting

Asset accounting

Basis for the inventory

In asset accounting, your long-life assets with all the relevant details such as date of purchase, acquisition costs and economic life are gathered and managed. We determine the depreciation (imputed depreciation, commercial depreciation and if different tax depreciation) during the accounting year and draw up the inventory at the end of the year.

With the help of the asset accounting you make your investment decisions by balancing any necessary repairs to a new acquisition or the alternative leasing. We like to provide you with an economic analysis with the comparison of the different ways.

Asset accounting also fulfils other tasks:

  • Documentation of the inventory as well as additions and disposals of fixed assets
  • valuation of fixed assets
  • Evidence for the establishment of insurance values
  • Distribution key for cost accounting in case of mixed use of assets
  • Determination of requirements for reserves
  • Investment and depreciation plans
  • Basis for the inventory

 If necessary, we will support you in organizing and carrying out your inventory.