Plausibility assessment services

Plausibility assessment

Plus for your rating

In the context of the disclosure of the economic situation pursuant to section 18 KWG, banks are increasingly demanding annual financial statements with plausibility assessment. They subject their customers to a detailed risk assessment - the so-called rating. The rating of your company in the rating process strongly influences the individual pricing - the interest rate.

Even without a request from your bank, you might want to carry out plausibility assessments. You strengthen your negotiating position compared with third parties under certain circumstances, and secure the conditions for already received loans.

According to intensity, a distinction is made between financial statements with plausibility assessments and those with comprehensive assessments.

Annual financial statements with plausibility assessments offer you additional advantages:

  • Display the asset and capital structure, as well as the development of the profitability of the company with previous year comparison
  • Review of contracts under tax aspects
  • Proof of the regularity of financial accounting and inventory including the preparation of a comprehensive audit report
  • Compliance with the formal requirements of the credit institutions
  • Better starting point in negotiations and discussions with financial institutions
  • Backup of received loans
  • Planning security for the future

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