Financial accounting

Financial accounting

Basis for important decisions

A meaningful financial accounting is for any company of central importance. It is essential for a well-functioning company and forms the basis of many tax and business consulting.

It is the instrument for an internal control system, as well as elementary basis for a best possible future planning.

Therefore we place greatest value on a well-functioning accounting, which is specific to your class of business and needs. 

You have the choice, how intense our cooperation is.

  • Either we assume for you on the basis of your pre-sorted and if necessary pre-assigned to an account documents and by supporting accounting (purchase invoice ledger, sales invoice ledger as well as cash journal corresponding to the tax rules) the posting of the created ongoing transactions.

  • If necessary we can pre-sort your accounting so you only need to provide your documents, cash journal and bank statements.

  • Create the accounting in your company via your own software or DATEV access. We offer support in setting up the accounting and during the ongoing book keeping process. On request, we review the financial accounting you have created in agreed extent.

  • We prepare and transfer the advance turnover tax returns including the supplementary applications and summary statements electronically on schedule.

  • For your information and overview how your business is doing and if necessary the evidence for  the tax office, banks or social security institutions we create the following monthly reports for you as needed: 

    • Business assessment if necessary with plan /-is comparison or prior-year comparison 
    • Open items list
    • Controlling report
    • Liquidity considerations
    • Cost and performance Accounting

Editing your accounting is possible on a monthly, quarterly or even annual basis.

Gladly we prepare an offer and find a way to make smooth operations possible for an efficient accounting in coordination with you.