Services tax returns

Corporate tax returns

On the basis of your annual financial statements, we prepare all necessary tax declarations for your company:

  • Corporate tax return

The corporate tax declaration required by law for each legal person is to be prepared annually. Even during the year, you receive regularly reliable figures so that the probable tax burden is a predictable quantity for you.

  • Trade tax return

As an entrepreneur, you are obliged under certain conditions to issue a trade tax declaration. We check whether this obligation exists for you and we would be glad to advise you in the run-up to your company foundation on location questions. The trade tax depends on the rate of the city or municipality in which your company is based. Through a targeted selection of locations, we help you to save taxes.

  • VAT return

In the context of the sales tax year declaration, the tax prepayments already notified in the current financial year are taken into account for your turnover tax number. We help you with questions about the actual and target taxation of total revenue or the utilization of the small business rules and check which possibilities are suitable for you.

We also assume the following declarations and applications for you:

  • Application for a long-term extension and registration of the special pre-payment to VAT
  • Capital gains tax registrations
  • Request for reimbursement of construction withholding tax
  • Request for reimbursement of electricity tax
  • Mineral oil tax refund application

If you wish, we will look after and support you with our many years of experience during tax and sales tax audits.